What social media is and isn’t

There’s more to social media than either word gives away. It’s not just “social” and it’s not just “media”. The proper blend of the two will result in a perfect advertising tool for your company.

Do: Remain conversational. The meaning social networking is to actually network. You want to build relationships with the clientele, not convince them to buy a half price toaster at midnight next tuesday.

Don’t: Assume it’s going to be easy to keep a social page up and going. You can’t just make a page and expect it to run itself, it requires effort.

Do: create a community. Use your page to unite your clientele in a mutual bond for your product

Don’t: use social networking as your only advertsing method. Social media is very good for the younger crowd, but not for the elderly. Remember to target everyone in your audience.

There are many Do’s and Don’t’s of social networking, and it’s important to remember these rules.


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