In the olden days phone calls consisted of a 2 way coversation, and meetings were being held multiple times in muliple places just so everyone could get the same information. Now, there’s a new option for that: video conferencing.

What is video conferencing? Video conferencing basically combines a phone conversation and a web cam. When it’s necessary to get a bunch of information out to a group of people that are scattered world wide, and an email just won’t cut it, videoconferencing comes into the picture. Everyone agrees to meet online at a designated time and the mediator of the group will hook every individual up to the same network. This process involves turning on your webcam and readying yourself the same way you would for a typical meeting. Once everyone is online, all of the webcams will be directed towards the same network, so everyone can see everyone and the meeting will progress as it would in the case of a regular meeting.

The downside of videoconferencing is that it is relatively expensive to have a safe network large enough for everyone you wish to talk with, plus making sure everyone has a webcam. But, when you figure in the price of travel expenses for employees to attend the meetings out of their local workplace, hotels, food, etc, it is a very good investment.


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