Monitering your business via social sites

It used to be that you could never know who was tracking your business, how often it was being searched for, or if it was even being mentioned at all. It left no oportunity for improvement aside from comments being directly mentioned from your clientele to you. Today, this has changed. It’s not necessary to run a search engine on your own business anymore just to find out what people are talking about. Websites such as Google Alerts and Social Mention have made a difference.

These are websites where you can set up alerts to let you know when anywhere on the internet someone mentions your business’ name. You can choose to recieve your results once a month, once a week, once a day or even once an hour. By using this resource, you’re able to track what people are saying about your business and what the clientele want. For example: if someone one Facebook is talking about how upset they are they Elizabeths Home Baked Goodies is no longer selling double chocolate chip cookies, then you can see that, and decide what you want to do to remedy that. If you find a fan page for your Business and a group of people are complaining about the lack of your latest product, then you can remedy this. By using these alerts, which scan the Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs and other social networking sites, you can fullyunderstand where your business stands.


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