Instant Messaging

If you’ve ever needed to send a quick message to a co-worker, it’s certainly a hassle to email back and forth about it. It’s too formal, just to ask if they had talked to a customer earlier that day or whether that was the other Amanda in the office. You could call, but in many departments, being on the phone with customers is a common ordeal. This is where Instant Messaging comes in.

Instant Messaging, commonly refered to as IM, or IMing, is something that has been brought into the office. A company that I worked for over the summer had their own system of IMing. It was very commonly used, my boss frequently IM’d her employees when she needed something done, or needed to see us. The employees could also IM each other and that was very useful when we couldn’t call each other, and just needed to ask a quick question. It’s much easier than email, which many of us only checked a couple times a day. It was mandatory to be signed into the instant messenger and when we recieved and IM it would just pop up on our screens, in easy access. Many offices now use instant messaging in the office, and most of the time it’s free to download. I throroughly believe it’s worth it to use instant messaging within any company that needs to communicate quickly.


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