Why companies should use social networking

Many people wonder why would companies bother to use a social networking site when through the years people have been using television commercials, radio broadcasts and other similar forms of advertisment. But this is the age of technology. We use our iPods to get rid of radio commercials, we use TiVo to fast forwards through commercials. We read our magazines online, so paper advertisments are out also. We opt for email, rather than snail mail and in either case if it’s an advertisment we hit “delete” or the trashcan. Over the past 10 years we’ve upgraded the way we live, so we should also update our advertising methods.

Nearly everyone these days are on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. HAlf of those people have blogs. It only makes sense that when people are opting for internet based living, to create internet based advertising. The majority of people spend atleast an hour everyday online. During this time they will check their favorite websites – which consist of social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. If you advertise on these sites that is atleast once a day that your business’ advertisement will be viewed by consumers. The more time they spend online, the more they will view your advertisement which heightens the chance of someone buying your product. So why wouldn’t you advertise in this way?


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