Why companies should not use social networking

You’re 82 years old.You’d really like to have new phone service because you’re not happy with what you currently have. You turn on the television, but see no advertising for phone service. You go outside to check your mail, but you no longer recieve mailed advertisements, so it’s only bills and a letter from your granddaughter. There’s no more telemarketers calling, so you look in a phonebook to find the number for a company. When someone answers the phone, you’re greeted with only more frustration when they advise you to look up their specials online. “Yes,” the young voice continues “you can now place your order on Facebook. Oh! And I just tweeted a special advertisement too, but you can only recieve the benefits if you’re on twitter…”. As the girl continues, your head begins to spin. Facebook? Twitter? Is this something about a bird book? What is this? You don’t know what’s going on, the Customer Service Rep doesn’t believe that you don’t have internet, nor know how to work it, and you’re so frustrated that you just hang up, still without new phone service.

This is a very bleak picture, but it’s what we’re going to be facing if social media continues to take over at this rampant speed. Although social media is a very good form of advertising, many companies are replacing typical advertsing with it. I believe that it’s not necessary to choose one extremity over another. We need to meet in the middle and widely cast out the net of advertising. Although the best way of advertsing for people between the ages 18-50 is probably Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, people that are older than that are more familiar with advertising in the terms of mailed letters, emails, television advertising and radio broadcasts. In order to properly advertise to your companies suggested consumer group, there can’t be any one way to advertise to them.


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