Before, when visiting fan pages on Facebook, you always had to go to their website to see what products they had available to sell, and of course you can’t buy anything from there Facebook page. 4 page tabs and a lot of frustration later, you’ve found the page you’re looking for and you can finally buy that awesome shirt or set of dishes, or whatever it may be. But, in this day and age of technology, you no longer have to go through all of the hassle and going from the Fanpage, to their official website, to their selling page, to their payment page, etc, etc. Just this year Facebook has created Payvment: E-commerce Solution.

Payvment is an app that you can download onto your store’s Facebook fanpage, and from there you can upload pictures of item s you have for sale. By using this app it eliminates the need for consumers to go through the frustration of trying to find your official website and buy something strictly off of your page. By using Payvment your customers can by things straight off of your Facebook page! By eliminating the middle man, you are more likely to have customers checking out what you have for sale, and they are more likely to consider buying when it’s already right in front of them.


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