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Question and Answer websites

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A good way for a business to use socially interactive media to affect their business if to participate in Q&A websites. On websites such as Yahoo!Answers, and your business can set up and account and search any related questions to your business. Some of these questions may be about your business itself, or maybe they’ll just be about something similiar to your business’s main ideas.

So how does this affect clientle (current and potential)? By seeing that your company is partcipating in websites such as this, simply to just assist someone, no advertsing required, means a lot. An action like that shows that your company doesn’t always have to be pushing advertising and deals down your throat, but that they are actually trying to help you out, customer or not. This will help build the relationship between the person asking the question, and the company. A move like that will always make your company look generous and naturally caring, when you reap no immediate benefits from simply offering an answer.


Text Messaging

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“This week I bought something from B & H Photo, which sells digital photography and video equipment. I was impressed to find it offers a cool text messaging feature. You can text your order number to a special short code (“BANDH”), and it will send you a message with your order’s tracking details. Banks and phone companies have been using text messaging for a while, letting you get your balance or minutes used via texting. Certainly, companies that exist only via text messaging and offer 411-like functionality exist as well.”

Many companies are interested in using texts and it’s a very easy, but personal, thing to do. Banks will now alert you every time your card is used, and many companies will offer certain deals if you text a certain number. PacSun does that very often in order to win gift cards or something of the sort.

What social media is and isn’t

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There’s more to social media than either word gives away. It’s not just “social” and it’s not just “media”. The proper blend of the two will result in a perfect advertising tool for your company.

Do: Remain conversational. The meaning social networking is to actually network. You want to build relationships with the clientele, not convince them to buy a half price toaster at midnight next tuesday.

Don’t: Assume it’s going to be easy to keep a social page up and going. You can’t just make a page and expect it to run itself, it requires effort.

Do: create a community. Use your page to unite your clientele in a mutual bond for your product

Don’t: use social networking as your only advertsing method. Social media is very good for the younger crowd, but not for the elderly. Remember to target everyone in your audience.

There are many Do’s and Don’t’s of social networking, and it’s important to remember these rules.


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In the olden days phone calls consisted of a 2 way coversation, and meetings were being held multiple times in muliple places just so everyone could get the same information. Now, there’s a new option for that: video conferencing.

What is video conferencing? Video conferencing basically combines a phone conversation and a web cam. When it’s necessary to get a bunch of information out to a group of people that are scattered world wide, and an email just won’t cut it, videoconferencing comes into the picture. Everyone agrees to meet online at a designated time and the mediator of the group will hook every individual up to the same network. This process involves turning on your webcam and readying yourself the same way you would for a typical meeting. Once everyone is online, all of the webcams will be directed towards the same network, so everyone can see everyone and the meeting will progress as it would in the case of a regular meeting.

The downside of videoconferencing is that it is relatively expensive to have a safe network large enough for everyone you wish to talk with, plus making sure everyone has a webcam. But, when you figure in the price of travel expenses for employees to attend the meetings out of their local workplace, hotels, food, etc, it is a very good investment.

Instant Messaging

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If you’ve ever needed to send a quick message to a co-worker, it’s certainly a hassle to email back and forth about it. It’s too formal, just to ask if they had talked to a customer earlier that day or whether that was the other Amanda in the office. You could call, but in many departments, being on the phone with customers is a common ordeal. This is where Instant Messaging comes in.

Instant Messaging, commonly refered to as IM, or IMing, is something that has been brought into the office. A company that I worked for over the summer had their own system of IMing. It was very commonly used, my boss frequently IM’d her employees when she needed something done, or needed to see us. The employees could also IM each other and that was very useful when we couldn’t call each other, and just needed to ask a quick question. It’s much easier than email, which many of us only checked a couple times a day. It was mandatory to be signed into the instant messenger and when we recieved and IM it would just pop up on our screens, in easy access. Many offices now use instant messaging in the office, and most of the time it’s free to download. I throroughly believe it’s worth it to use instant messaging within any company that needs to communicate quickly.

Monitering your business via social sites

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It used to be that you could never know who was tracking your business, how often it was being searched for, or if it was even being mentioned at all. It left no oportunity for improvement aside from comments being directly mentioned from your clientele to you. Today, this has changed. It’s not necessary to run a search engine on your own business anymore just to find out what people are talking about. Websites such as Google Alerts and Social Mention have made a difference.

These are websites where you can set up alerts to let you know when anywhere on the internet someone mentions your business’ name. You can choose to recieve your results once a month, once a week, once a day or even once an hour. By using this resource, you’re able to track what people are saying about your business and what the clientele want. For example: if someone one Facebook is talking about how upset they are they Elizabeths Home Baked Goodies is no longer selling double chocolate chip cookies, then you can see that, and decide what you want to do to remedy that. If you find a fan page for your Business and a group of people are complaining about the lack of your latest product, then you can remedy this. By using these alerts, which scan the Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs and other social networking sites, you can fullyunderstand where your business stands.

Why companies should not use social networking

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You’re 82 years old.You’d really like to have new phone service because you’re not happy with what you currently have. You turn on the television, but see no advertising for phone service. You go outside to check your mail, but you no longer recieve mailed advertisements, so it’s only bills and a letter from your granddaughter. There’s no more telemarketers calling, so you look in a phonebook to find the number for a company. When someone answers the phone, you’re greeted with only more frustration when they advise you to look up their specials online. “Yes,” the young voice continues “you can now place your order on Facebook. Oh! And I just tweeted a special advertisement too, but you can only recieve the benefits if you’re on twitter…”. As the girl continues, your head begins to spin. Facebook? Twitter? Is this something about a bird book? What is this? You don’t know what’s going on, the Customer Service Rep doesn’t believe that you don’t have internet, nor know how to work it, and you’re so frustrated that you just hang up, still without new phone service.

This is a very bleak picture, but it’s what we’re going to be facing if social media continues to take over at this rampant speed. Although social media is a very good form of advertising, many companies are replacing typical advertsing with it. I believe that it’s not necessary to choose one extremity over another. We need to meet in the middle and widely cast out the net of advertising. Although the best way of advertsing for people between the ages 18-50 is probably Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, people that are older than that are more familiar with advertising in the terms of mailed letters, emails, television advertising and radio broadcasts. In order to properly advertise to your companies suggested consumer group, there can’t be any one way to advertise to them.