Facebook – within the company

As addressed in my previous post, nearly everyone uses Facebook for their personal life. It’s on our phones and it’s on our computers marked as a favorite place. Also, we’ve seen how Facebook is being used to communicate with clientele. But, is Facebook actually used within the company? Rick Hutley, Cisco IBSG, says yes it is and it’s bringing companies together like never before (http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac79/docs/pov/Social_Networking_as_a_Business_Tool_0930FINAL.pdf). He believes that by embraces our instinctual communication skills that we as humans have we can form better relationships within the company, and creating a better work environment.

“Providing a forum such as a company-only Facebook- or YouTube-style social networking tool will encourage employees to reach out to one other. They might be networking about work-related interests, or about golf or knitting. Such activity, whether work-related or not, builds relationships—and it is our relationships that enable us to find appropriate people and work with them more effectively than if we did not know them at all.”

By having that option of a social networking type of website it is more readily to be checked than email, which in contrast to Facebook seems rather, might I say, dull. Employees will be more inclined to check their “Facebook page” because even if everything on there is work related and it is the same information as can be found through email and the Intranet, it is just simply more fun to check a Facebook page because it does have that “social networking” stamp on it. So, if by using Facebook it actually promotes your company’s inner relationships, and increases business revenue due to those relationships, isn’t it worth it to allow your employees that privledge?


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