Facebook – communicating with current (and future!) clientele

Facebook originated in 2004 through a Harvard University Sophomore student. It is a social networking site, similiar to Myspace where you can post pictures, have a “status” to alert everyone of what you’re thinking and communicate with friends through wall posts, messages and IM. Who would have guessed that Facebook would grow up to be used by nearly every individual in multiple countries! But now something new has happened: Businesses are using Facebook as a way to reach their current and potential clientele.

In May of 2010 Tamar Weinburg wrote an article about how using Facebook can affect your business (http://www.techipedia.com/2010/how-to-use-facebook-for-business-and-marketing/). This article is filled with tips for promoting your business using Facebook and steps on how to do that. One suggestion is to create a fan page rather than a group page. “They are outdated (from Facebook’s early days) and do not support Facebook Markup Language (FBML) or Facebook Apps, so they are not as interactive and thus do not make as strong of an impact.” By creating a fan page for your business on Facebook it offers the opportunity for the world to “like” your business, view and/or add comments, view and/or add photographs, create and/or comment on discussions and view your statuses. Likewise, your business is given the opportunity to view the profiles of anyone who “likes” your product, so you can determine who your main customer group is, giving you a tighter reign on your business and what your business needs to do to continue on strongly. Facebook can grant you all of these opportunities and more, just by simply creating a page and keeping it updated.


4 Responses to “Facebook – communicating with current (and future!) clientele”

  1. Thank you for mentioning the article, by the way! I’m glad you found it valuable. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I found the article very interesting and it had the exact information I was looking for (:

  3. I’m truly amazed at the rate of change the media has on the internet. The sky is the limit! Keep up the good work on keeping us informed on these many changes.

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