Skype is a internet based program that works with your webcam, allowing you to “call” another user on their webcam accessing immediate video and voice use. It also offers instant messaging which means you can type what you want to say instead of having to say it outloud. For an additional price you can make calls to landlines and cell phones. Since Skype came out in 2003 we’ve been using it to see and speak to our loved ones that are distant, and our friends when we just feel like speaking with them: even if they’re just down the street. But now, Skype has entered the Business world.

Moving Skype out of the living room and into the office has changed the business world radically. No longer will email, instant messaging or phone calls have to suffice. An estimated 37% of all Skype usage is business related so the upgrade for business made in May of 2010 greatly affected the business world. This upgrade features the option for a business owner to create personal accounts for employees,  voicemail options, allows people to call that company from their Skype address free of charge and have all calls directed from Skpe the same way landline and mobile phone calls would be directed as inbound calls.\

Rip Curl, a worldwide Surf, Skate and Snow business, did an interview with Skype regarding how they use that product. Rip Curl uses Skype right where they work – from an office, across the beaches, and from one cliff top to another. They also noted that they loved the video calls because it makes things more efficient while passing on ideas when you can actually SHOW the other person the sketches or designs of what you want to do. And that’s the whole point of Skype: being able to clearly and efficiently communicate with others.


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